Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jonalyn's Visit to the Neurologist

On Thursday, Jonalyn had a seizure follow-up appointment with the neurologist. Despite being diagnosed with microcephaly four years ago, she'd never seen a neurologist. That surprised me when I realized it.

As far as the seizures go, she is doing well. She hasn't had any since the grand mal seizure in September. She has adjusted well to the medication.

He did go over her MRI with me. Her problems seem to be located in the back of her brain. The structures back there should like solid. Hers look feather-like, to me like fan coral.
There is calcification in the center of her brain that shouldn't be there. We'll never know for sure, but the most likely cause of her microcephaly is her lack of oxygen after birth. She was delivered at home by a midwife after a difficult birth. She wasn't breathing when she was born and we don't know how long she'd gone without oxygen before that.

He was about to let us off without having to come back for a while, but then he peeked at the EEG she had done in the hospital. There were spikes in the back of her brain that shouldn't have been there. They weren't seizures, but abnormal. He wants a follow-up EEG to make sure the Keppra has taken care of those.

So, get a load of this. In order to have her sleepy for the test, I have to get her up at 2 am. Our appointment isn't until 9:15. How am I going to keep her up? How am I going to stay up? Ugh. If anyone wants to chat at that time, let me know! (It's on Wednesday the 21st.)

All in all, our little sweetheart is doing well. Please keep praying that the seizures stay away and that her EEG will be normal.

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Felicity said...

I hope all will go well, and good luck to you having to get up so early... and keep a child up too.

I'd be willing to chat - it would be mid-morning for me :-D ha ha