Tuesday, April 24, 2012

a2z - letter P

This week we're up to the letter P. I used P yesterday and now the challenge is on to use P again.
P is for PRECIOUS.

PRECIOUS Brian, shortly after he came home. Oh, those eyes!

PRECIOUS Alyssa at seven months old. Couldn't you die for that hair??

PRECIOUS Jonalyn as a small child. We're sorry we missed those PRECIOUS days with her.

These PRECIOUS children have made me what I am today - a PARENT. They are each unique and special. They have their distinct personalities, and yet it is clear they belong to us. As a family, we have made many PRECIOUS memories. We look back on the years with nostalgia and a bit of longing. Brian will graduate from high school next year and our family will change. We cherish these PRECIOUS children and the PRECIOUS times the Lord has blessed us with.

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Jean Wise said...

Oh My most definitely precious!!! love the photos

Felicity said...

They're all SO precious!!
I love the photos - all too cute!
Our eldest will finish school next year too, and then it's off to university... aah, the seasons of life!

Niki Turner said...

And you have a PRECIOUS family! Perfect P word!