Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wonderful Words - Cuteness

Yes, this week's Wonderful Word is cuteness. And my, oh my, Jonalyn abounded in it this weekend.

We went to the cabin and she played with her old-fashioned wooden blocks. You know, the kind with the letters and numbers. She picked up an M and declared that M was for Markie, her favorite hippotherapy horse. They may have taught her that in school. Then she located a T and said T was for 'tato. Um, pretty sure they didn't teach her that one in school. Next came a C which she proudly proclaimed was for kitty. Certain that didn't come from school! Soooo cute. And wonderful and encouraging to see her putting sounds with letters.

Doug, Jonalyn and I spent some time sitting on our front porch. The weather was gorgeous and since it's been dry, the mosquitoes weren't bad. The birds sang all around us. At one point, there came a loud squawk from the woods. Doug teased that there was a baby elephant in there. Jonalyn's eyes grew wide. She asked if there might be a mommy elephant, too, which Doug assured her there was. She kept pointing in that direction and talking about the elephants. Then a noise came from another part of the woods. Jonalyn promptly pointed in that direction and announced there was a lion over there! We laughed because she was sooo cute! Great to see that she can understand a joke and play along with it. That's a higher thinking skill.

Her cuteness didn't stop there. On the contrary, she got cuter. We weren't getting any TV reception and Alyssa didn't bring a DVD, so the evening was quite. I much prefer it that way, anyway. We ended up playing a game of Sorry. Jonalyn got to have her own men. She had to tell what the number was on the card and count to move her game pieces. She did such a great job! The game ended and she asked if she won. Sorry (pun intended), but Daddy won. No problem. When I told this story to someone at church on Sunday, she was next to me and piped up that Daddy won. She was so excited about that! Too cute.
How can we stand all the cuteness going on around here?

Do you have a cuteness story about a little person you know?

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